Château Haut-Peyrat

« When it comes to wine, you have to put the pleasure ahead of the prestige ».

Paul Claudel


Château Haut Peyrat is located up above Cambes uptown, a village close to the Garonne river, 20 minutes far from Bordeaux city.


As they share a passion for wine and new plans for the future, Isabelle and Didier Gil decided to buy the vineyard in 2014.


They were truly taken with the Château. Besides a beautiful structure on a hill offering an exceptional view, the estate extends over 40 hectares in one piece, very close to Bordeaux and the Entre-Deux-Mers region, little Tuscany.


Château Haut Peyrat benefits from a wonderful terroir of 20 hectares of vineyards and 20 hectares of woods and pastures, which forms a subtle and rare balance of biodiversity.


Almost the whole vineyard is located on hillsides with a south-east/south-west exposure.  Most soils and plots, made of gravels, clay-limestone and clay-gravelly soils, have a high quality potential.



Thanks to its terroir, the Château produces a range of high quality wines, that allows everyone to find what he’s looking for.


Undeniably, today a new wind blows on the Château Haut-Peyrat.


Isabelle was born in a family of winegrowers whose traces are found back to the French Revolution. She was first to launch the project at Château Haut Peyrat and then, from 2016 she was joined by Didier, her husband.


Le Château Haut Peyrat est situé dans les hauteurs du village de Cambes dans le Bordelais.

L'ensemble des bâtisses est sur la croupe d'une colline qui offre une vue sur le territoire de l'Entre-deux- Mers.


Château Haut Peyrat

33880 Cambes

+33 5 57 80 47 27

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