Le Château Haut Peyrat est situé dans les hauteurs du village de Cambes dans le Bordelais.

L'ensemble des bâtisses est sur la croupe d'une colline qui offre une vue sur le territoire de l'Entre-deux- Mers.


Château Haut Peyrat

33880 Cambes

+33 5 57 80 47 27 


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A noble Castle through the centuries

The first Life of the Castle

Château Haut-Peyrat, once known as Château du Peyrat or the Noble House of Montudez, belonged throughout the centuries to several noble families, including Dalesmes Saint Clément or the Lassime’s family. They were presidents of the parliament of Bordeaux and they paid tribute to the kings Louis XIV and Louis XV (ceremony of vassalage of the domain to the king).

Different parts of the building such as the dovecote, the well and the lower parts of the property dates from the period of Henri IV. The date of « 1571 » is engraved on the well.


The wine-making history of the château is mentioned in the very first editions of the Féret (technical paper tracing the history of the Bordeaux terroirs and estates). It’s told that the vineyard existed since the 17th century, and that the quality of the terroir and exposure are confirmed.

A new page is being written

After some adjustments in the early 19th century, including the creation of acroteria masking the roof and the addition of two crenellated turrets on the front facade, the property was finally abandoned. The whole of the building and the land, without the necessary maintenance remained in a state of slumber for many years.



Isabelle and Didier Gil had their heart set on restoring the former glory of the estate. Major works were undertaken to put pride and prestige back to the estate.


In 2014 and 2015, they started with the reorganization of the vineyard and the creation of wine storehouse and a fermenting room.


In 2016, they focused on the renovation of the outhouses. Then the renovation of the castle and the park are planned for 2017/2018.


End of 2018, after 5 years of major engineering works, the estate will have recovered its glow of yesteryear.